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WKCD Art Pavilion Design - Mountain Water People Creature

Inspired by a Hong Kong Poet XiXi (西西), the pavilion design tries to respond to one of her piece called “山水人物” written in 1998. Famous in her playfulness of using words, the poem is not proposed to read literally but more like “see” it as a picture. While reading the words, you are not confined to read from left to right. You are free to browse around as an image - a landscape scenery with mountain and snow on top; trees, shepherd and cow at the horizon and melted snow, water steam and a boat at the bottom which fits the context of Hong Kong very well: mountain, water, people and creature. The design is to write a 3D graphic poem at the West Kowloon based on its old sceneries – a sea before this piece of land was made – to echo the history of the site and add a poetic layer to the beautiful scene.

A dome shape is formed to house the words of the poem. Different levels of seating are created to let visitors browse around the poem. The dome is housed in a golden floating pyramid acting as an artificial mountain responding to the surroundings.

Collaborator: David Leung

Category: Installation

Year: 2017

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