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Slow Sculpture at PMQ

Our city is like in a slow sculpturing process in the midst of development and re-development – a constant form-finding process in search of our ideal city.

Inspired by a piece of concrete poetry written by Xixi in 1998 who playfully transformed a landscape scenery into words, we try to transform a piece of Hong Kong city into a spatial poem by using algorithmic 3D modeling tool. 

The theme of the installation becomes an abstraction of urbanization from the past to the future, which is performed in a 2-hour choreographed sequence in the form of moving words, music, lighting and poetry. From the beginning to the end, the words is developing slowly from no form to landscape, and then from landscape to some hints of geometric forms that relates buildings and skyscrapers. At the end of this form-finding process, the shape of the future city emerges and we try to prompt the audience a question: “What’s next?”

In the opening day, we would like to invite an artist to improvise, read poetry and interact with the work as a small performance piece.


Collaborators: Zoe Lai, Benjamin Hoong

Category: Installation

Year: 2018

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