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Blow off the Steam – Art Installation x Sound Walk, Cityplaza

This installation is inspired by an idiom blow off steam. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, blow off steam means to do or say something that helps you to get rid of strong feelings or energy. Such idiom also matches closely with Cityplaza’ s campaign tagline “LIVE HAPPY”, namely to release. We thus borrow this vivid imagery of air flow and steam to create this installation.

We drape more than six kilometres of fabric across the atrium and centre bridge of Cityplaza. In total, we have used more than 12,000 sqft chiffon ribbon, hung 3,223 pieces of fabric in 412 different lengths and 21 different colours to create a colourful cave-like landscape for the space and transform this convenient passageway into a playground in different colour gradients for both kids and adults.


The four pillars in the installation represents different themes: family, wellness, passion and connection, creating four zones, which are distinguished by four different colours. We have created four types of interaction in each zone:


Orange zone: The wind tower is a column that housed three big fans, they will blow stronger wind when more people step on the matts with sensors built in.

Pink zone: The soundscape is in the shape of water lily pond, each flowers can be touched and create sounds within itself.

Blue / purple zone: The area is covered with hanging plants and lawn among the blowing ribbons to create an immersive and surreal experience in the space.