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A mini Hong Kong

"Tatamu" or "tatami" is a Chinese character in Japanese meaning to fold / pile or a piece of furniture for people to sit on / lay down in a room. Interestingly, the dimension of traditional Japanese architecture is actually derived from the size of tatami - usually a multiple of 90cm. In Chinese dictionary, this character also means stacking up. The architect hopes to drive the Hong Kong house design concept by tatami - to find a form which is like a miniature of Hong Kong and showcase in Echigo-Tsumari. From far, the house will be like a collage of some small white towers in space, almost like from our memory of Kowloon walled city. The perfect square windows can be fully open or shut down to create interesting pattern for the site. The space inside however is totally different - it's a continuous homogeneous space from entrance reception to the rooftop. The division of space is divided in a way of traditional tatami layout, but three dimensionally linked up as a spiral form to create an unique spatial experience for the public and resident artists.

Category: Public

Year: 2017

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