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The Conservancy Association Plantation Enrichment Project, Tai Lam Country Park

The plantation area is located in the Tai Lam Country Park - Tai Lam Chung suburb, with an area of about 1 hectare. Due to human and geological influences, the barren land makes this area a bare mountain, so there is a serious problem of soil erosion. In order to improve the situation, the government began to plant exotic trees such as fast-growing acacia and eucalyptus. The plantation area has been 10 years old.

At the end of 2017, The Conservancy Association participated in the Plantation Enrichment Project of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, where they started the plantation optimization work: set the planting management targets for the planting area, and then remove the dead, old, weak and overgrown alien species in the plantation area. Out of space, replanting native saplings that interact more with native organisms to enhance the ecological function and biodiversity of the forest.

On the International Day for Biological Diversity in 2018, the Association has invited the general public in Hong Kong to plant 2,000 native saplings in the tree planting area of Tai Lam Chung suburb. We were delighted to design and stage for the opening ceremony for them on that day.

Collaborator: The Conservancy Association

Category: Exhibition

Year: 2018

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