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Mushroom, New Town Plaza

Mushroom is a retail store dedicated to spreading happiness through their charming and life aesthetic selected collection of fashion accessories, household goods, and home decoration. Their new shop is officially opened in Phase III New Town Plaza, Shatin.


Inspired by the shape of a mushroom cap, different organic convex partition walls are used to separate different functional areas. Curves and fillet edges are widely-used in the shop interior and make the atmosphere more welcoming.


To emphasis the young delightful spirit of the brand, we used to the wood flooring and veneer finishing in saturated color to set a warm and homey tone for the store. The sky blue and pink lemonade mosaic at the entrance and the back of house area even make the space more vibrant and energetic.


Team: Bong Yeung, Ardis Wong, June Yeung, Yan Chan

Category: Public

Year: 2019

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