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Merry Apart Christmas Together

Minimalistic Christmas Trees – Social Distancing or Connecting?


Social distancing becomes our new normal life. We are like on a checkerboard that we make our move carefully by distancing each other. Fascinated by this new norm as our new pattern of life, the installation has transformed this into a colourful social distancing “bubble” grid pattern.

The Christmas trees are scattered on a social distancing grid and rotating, as if they are also hinting us to keep a distance from them. In fact, the geometry of the trees borrows the same language of the floor pattern and transforming a 2D plane into 3D cone in space. The lighting at its edge and the reflective surface on the floor have further enrich this into 4D experience. While visitors walking into this Social Distancing Christmas Jungle, won’t we be connected by seeing this lighting spectacular? 

The trees are placed at the PMQ Courtyard with gorgeous shiny lighting effects, like a dreamy Christmas night, in 2020.


Category: Installation

Year: 2020

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