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Elephant Grounds, K11 Musea

Located on the L7 Bohemian Garden of K11 Musea, Elephant Grounds is looking for a new concept store for their brand, providing a casual seating area for artisanal coffee, a proper dining area to serve their signature Asian cuisine, a coffee and ice-cream bar and al-fresco dining space.



Apart from the signature Elephant Grounds dual-tone pine timber, orange fabric, black metal, and live plant, we developed a unique “Elephant Grounds ” reconstituted stone to complete the new branding identity. The white reconstituted stone with orange aggregate is used on the U-shape bench, bar table and flooring. The homogeneous looks form a sculptural base for the interior that successfully hides two massive columns in the space, which opens up space and the whole retail experience becomes more welcoming and visually transparent.

The parametric S-shape bench in the outdoor seating area is designed to respond to the Bohemian Hexagons, the asymmetrical forest-liked honeycomb structure, designed by LAAB. An organic form is applied to the bench which echoes the natural elements and garden landscape of the Bohemian Garden. The bench is designed by using a parametric program and assemble piece by piece in the mainland factory.

Collaborator: Start From Zero (Hong Kong)

Category: Public

Year: 2019

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