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Invisible Garden in Kyoto

We use the garden in the northeast located on the premises, and like the Kano school sliding door painting, we hide and represent the existing garden. We propose an invisible garden that can traveling between islands as in the painting. This garden is certainly presented for visitors to experience Kano’s abstract painting which can transcend time and space beyond the scenery that viewer can envision. We endeavor to design such a garden that shows the inner world of individuals who cannot be seen by making something apparently obscured invisible.

We will set up a huge wall with a thin aluminum sheet finish that covers up all the hedges that grew big without being managed. From the outside only the top of the existing tree is visible, and at the eye level it reflects the stone paving floor pattern around as if they are extending beyond. We can only see the trees above but hiding the garden underneath. It seems there is nothing inside but actually another world is unfolding completely. It creates a state where the viewer’s vision is being challenged.

A uniform aluminum sheet reflects the sky and the tree. There is no ground that it should be .... The viewer can travel around this large floor bypassing the hole opened in the floor to complement the blank space. The wild trees and weeds that protrude from the holes opened on the floor are framed by a strong contrast with uniform flooring, as if eight islands are floating. You can sit and watch on the plywood deck at the south side of the garden. The visitor who wants to stay a bit longer could enjoy. They can view the scenery for contemplation or reflection. We hope to offer a place where visitors can relax and enjoy in the city.

Collaborators: EL3 (Yuki Maeda + Nobuhiko Maeda)

Category: Installation

Year: 2018

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