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The Carmel

With the colour tones of white, walnut, light grey, dark oak and deep black, we would like to create a harmonious living environment.


Select pieces of artwork were chosen as inspiration behind the material selection of certain elements in the living space. 

For example, one option for the staircase design will feature a smooth polished curved mirror surface as a balustrade – it itself standing out in the living space as a piece of art. 

The material choices in various furniture items also reflect the colour schemes seen in these pieces of artwork. 

The design intent of the staircase parapet is to be sculpted as a single, solid, organic surface that bends and coils together with the stairs itself.  At moments, the design will peel away from the existing walls and ceilings to form a seamless transition between the various elements.


Category: Residential

Year: 2019

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