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Black Sugar Coffee, Central Hong Kong

One of the goals that we shared with the client was to first seek attention from the street level at the front entrance of the building and to create a kind of “ritual” or “style” as their new brand identity for their first store present in the Hong Kong Island side.


The exterior façade of the shop has used the bronze lining with LED light strip to highlight the shop geometry to make the volume more pop – as if a floating cube tucked away from Queen Road Central.

Our design has increased café 50% of its space, which used to be only 2.6m wide and 3.4m long, by swinging a pair of pivot doors. A pair of big pivot terrazzo doors has become the key elements in the design to link up the cool exterior to the warm maple wood interior. While the shopkeeper opens the shop every day, the big swinging gesture has become a new ritual to the customers.

The inner side of the pivot door is a shelving served as a retail corner, the increased shop area will also serve as the “outdoor” seating as well as a pet zone. The pivot door also further extends the origami feature wall inspired by the shop logo at the back of the coffee corner to make the shop visually even bigger.

For the interior, all the fixed furniture is lined with maple wood veneer contracted with the concrete flooring.

Category: Public

Year: 2020

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