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A Recording Wall for Answered Prayers in UK (Installation Art)

What is the origin of praying hands clasped? Some say it represents the joining of who we were born to become (the left hand) and who we are actually becoming (the right hand). By praying with our hands placed against each other, we are requesting God to guide our way to fulfill our true purpose on Earth. As in the Lord's Prayer, "thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven". The symbolism of praying hands represents a spiritual sanctuary within us. If our skin has memory, our palms are truly a place to record our dialogues with God between Earth and Heaven - a spiritual space for our answered prayers.

In the design proposal, we try to imagine this spiritual space between our palms when praying. We can have a glimpse of landscape through openings with a beam of light from the top. It is a very calm space created by two pieces of tall and undulating brickworks, as if our textured palm skin. A million dialogues with God and answered prayers are recorded inside each brick with a memory clip embedded. We call this space the listening Room. People are welcomed to listen to their own and others prayers in this room, and pray.

Thanks to the Internet and wireless technologies, we can retrieve the prayers anytime and anywhere. The experience in the Listening Room will not be limited by the physical space, although we still recommend people to pay a visit to the wall to record their answered prayers and store them in one of the bricks. We think it helps the wall to have "a sense of place"and become  monumental through time.

Category: Installation

Year: 2016

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